Configuring the Participants in Clinical Research

25 February 2016 - 18:30-20:00

Lecture: Norma Morris, Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL
Comment: John Craven, Philosophy, KCL

K2.31, King’s Building, Strand, King’s College London

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Empirical work on participation in clinical research (using qualitative methods) has highlighted some of the configuration work being carried out by and on those taking part. Lay contributors try out different identities and behaviours, and develop conceptions of their role in response to circumstances. Clinical staff have to reconcile the professional demands of research and of care, and adjust as necessary their pre-formed expectations of participants’ needs. They must additionally comply with professional, legal, ethical and governance frameworks and rules. The presentation discusses tensions emerging for the actors, meeting at the confluence of these three streams, in the performance of clinical research.