Reading Group: Death and Mortality

20 October 2016 - 16:00-18:00

Convenor: Dr David Galloway

K-1.56, King’s Building, Strand, King’s College London

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The following readings will anchor our discussion, in this order, and we’ll see how far we get each time. The papers can be found online, but the first one takes some digging.

Reading beforehand is not required. Feel free to come as you are.

  • Bernard Williams, ‘The Makropulos Case: reflections on the tedium of immortality’
  • Bernard Williams, ‘Unbearable suffering’, in his The Sense of the Past.
  • Ben Bradley, ‘Existential terror’, Journal of Ethics 19 (2015)
  • Adrian Moore, ‘Williams, Nietzsche and the meaninglessness of immortality’, Mind 115 April 2006
  • Galen Strawson, ‘Against narrativity’, in Ratio XVII 4 (December 2004)
  • Samuel Scheffler, Death and the Afterlife
  • Susan Woolf, Meaning in Life


After-event Film Screening


6:30pm – 405 Philosophy Building